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Day Care

At Mulberry Tree Childcare we are all about Happy Children, Happy Parents.


Starting at a new Centre can often be a daunting time for both you and your child. Children need time to develop relationships and bonds with their new educators and become comfortable with sharing their new environment with other children.


Educators focus on developing strong relationships with children to support them to develop a sense of belonging and feel safe and secure within their new environment. It is important to ensure prompt communication of any significant events or changes at home or in their routines. Our educators are always there and welcome in-depth discussion of your child’s progress.


We love to learn all about the children in our care, we welcome their excitement when they share their personal stories and home life with us.


When you step into a mulberry tree centre you will instantly feel at home with our beautiful upcycled furniture and natural resources to help settle children into care and support a connection and familiarity between home and the educational setting.


Our outdoor environments are calming and natural with plenty of opportunity for children to explore and discover.


Our educators follow the early years learning framework when planning and setting up exciting and engaging activities for your children. In every age group we believe in offering activities and learning spaces that will foster children's curiosity and imagination to support a love of learning through play.


Our preschool delivers a program that covers two curriculum frameworks: The Early Years Learning Framework and the WA Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines as part of the School Curriculum and Standards. These frameworks are designed to support children in their early years of development and help with school readiness.

Using this Framework, educators implement a daily program that caters for the specific developmental needs and interests of your child and will provide for each child’s social, physical, emotional, and intellectual potential, including language skills and creativity.

Our effective Early Childhood Curriculum supports active participation of children and views children as decision-makers who promote their sense of agency. Experiences are presented in ways that children can make choices and use different processes to complete tasks where more than one solution is possible. The environment is constructed to encourage and allow children to be as independent as possible.

Family involvement in the curriculum is encouraged and supported, regular discussions with parents about their child’s interests and activities gives educators valuable insight into extending the educational program.

We follow a UK based program called ‘Letters and sounds’ as well as a handwriting program by Peggy Lego called ‘I do, I understand’. These are programs used by schools in the local area to support your child’s transition and academic success.

Kids Club

Kids Club is a Before and After school care service, with some services also offering vacation care. Kids Club sites could be onsite at the local primary school or run from a local government building. The educators at our Kids Club services focus on delivering a fun and exciting program for your children that incorporates activities, experience and play space where your child can choose what they would like to do after a long day at School.

During school holidays, a fun and exciting holiday program is delivered inclusive of excursions such as visits to Scitech, local museums, wildlife parks, and the cinema. Please ensure you book early for each of the holiday programs.

In addition to this, our Kids Clubs services have other weekly extracurricular activities such as art classes, library visits or karate. Many of these have been established through connections and links with the community from our current attending families. Please speak to the Centre Manager of the service to see what is running at your local Kids Club.

Mulberry Tree Kids Clubs offer a homework support group where educators will sit with the children and assist them in completing any homework, they may have such as maths or reading books. Many of our Kids Clubs have access to computers or tablets where children can research projects and access the school online homework program if applicable. Please talk to educators if you would like your child to participate as part of the homework group.

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