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Our Philosophy

We are social, and as such we all need to belong and feel valued. We believe that positive relationships are crucial to creating a sense of belonging. Guidance is provided based on sensitivity and respect, with an emphasis on promoting each child’s self-esteem and self-concept.

Our role is to listen with empathy and respond with understanding to the children, their families and each other. Children are encouraged to become aware of their actions and the impact they have on others. Children are provided with opportunities to participate in enriching and challenging experiences, based on having fun and learning through play.

We value children’s independence and encourage them to make choices and develop their self-help skills, as we believe this is a fundamental step in the learning ladder. Educators are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and believe that working with each child’s family, as the child’s first and most influential educators, is the key for the best start in life.

Our service, the children, and their families are part of our larger community. We are open and supportive in our communication with others in the community, we welcome their ideas and views and we maintain positive relationships with them. Families of children in our care can relax in the reassurance that their children are happy, safe and are given the opportunity to learn and grow. You can trust that while your child is with us, they will feel safe and loved. They will have a great experience which enriches all areas of their development.

The Enrolment Process

The first step to starting care is to have a tour of the service, during which the Centre Manager will introduce our team of friendly educators and explain the requirements for placement confirmation. It is important for families to get a sense of the environment their children will be in, as well as the educators who will be providing care and education.


Ensuring children feel safe and secure in their new environment is the first step towards creating attachments with educators. Orientation facilitates these relationships through 'Stay and Play' and trial days that are offered that are at no cost to families. We encourage open and honest communication at all times, our educators want to ensure that your expectations are aligned with ours, please ask questions and give us feedback. We recognize that this may be a new experience for you and we are happy to give you our knowledge and time to help you understand why we love working in the Early Childhood Industry.


We understand that the first day of care can be full of emotions for children and families, and we encourage you to call as often as needed to speak to educators about how your child's day is progressing. Some children take to new environments and social situations with ease while others may take some time to settle in and be comfortable in the environments and develop relationships with new friends and educators. We want your child to feel as though they belong, and as such if they have a special comforter or a possession which does not leave their side, we encourage that they bring this with.

Our child-centred approach to care and education seeks to educate the whole child and focuses on individual children and their potential. At Mulberry Tree, we strongly believe we are the provider of choice! Offering educational curriculums based on meaningful learning which will promote children to become active participants in the community and lead successful lifestyles.

Our Educators are our biggest asset, placing an emphasis on self-directed learning and are dedicated to individual growth that allows children to discover new ways of thinking for themselves. Our Educators are continually refining their practices and leading the way in quality care and education.

Our Centres have built great connections with the community and local schools. We offer children not only an education but a pathway to becoming active participants who have input and connection within their community. We strive to create peace of mind for parents, knowing that your child is receiving the best care possible by ensuring the safety and cleanliness of services is maintained.

Why Choose Our Services?


Mulberry Tree Childcare is committed to providing affordable quality care for all families. The amount you pay is dependent on the amount of Child Care Subsidy you receive.


The Commonwealth Government provides Child Care Subsidy which is means tested (the amount you receive depends on how much you earn. Centrelink pays the benefit directly to the childcare centre, so you only have to pay the gap between the benefit and the full fee.


Please speak to the Centre Manager who will be happy to provide you with an estimate of your Child Care Subsidy and the gap payment.

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