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Inspiring your child's natural desire to learn

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Education for life

We provide a well-rounded education to better prepare your child with the social and behavioural skills to become active participants in the community.

What is important to us at Indigo Montessori

At Indigo Montessori inspiring children towards a lifelong love of learning is extremely important to us. We aim to provide nurturing, natural environments where children become confident, responsible, independent learners, who trust in their own abilities.

"Education cannot be effective unless it helps a child open up himself to life"

- Maria Montessori

We encourage you and your child visit the centre as many times as possible prior to starting care, chat with our educators and share in our learning.

Indigo Montessori wishes to teach the importance of life and sustainability to children. We have chickens, water tanks and a veggie patch.

We are focused on teaching the importance of nutrition and a well-balanced diet, with fresh whole foods cooked and provided to our children.

All early years centre 0-5 are governed by the Early Years learning framework which identifies principles, practices and outcomes to support our work with children. We plan for each individual child using the Montessori approach to embed a sense of Belonging, Being and Becoming through the 5 learning outcomes.

  • Children have a strong sense of identity.

  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world.

  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

  • Children are confident and involved learners

  • Children are effective communicators.

The Montessori Method and the Early Years Learning Framework mould beautiful together in order to provide a more holistic and meaningful approach to education.


The Montessori curriculum offers your child an environment with a rich and varied program to enable them to develop at their own pace. The Montessori curriculum is divided into 5 core areas of investigation;

Practical Life

This gives the child the opportunity to practise the skills of everyday life and helps them develop skill of concentration and co-ordination. It is often the starting point for your child’s journey within the Montessori Approach. It allows the child the time to become confident and capable and promotes skills to develop participation in caring for the environment, ourselves and others.


The word sensorial is derived from the word “sense”. Reflecting on the concept of the Montessori Absorbent mind, the sensorial materials allow your child to build on skills of classification, order and sequencing using all of their senses to explore.


The mathematic materials give us the opportunity to introduce math concepts in a concrete form. It allows us to build the foundations for later maths work. This hands on approach with quantities and numbers allow the child to see and feel abstract ideas.


From the moment the child is in a Montessori environment they are exposed to language experiences. We aim to promote and develop these skills through various group and individual interactions. Other materials allow us to gradually build on verbal and nonverbal communication, writing and reading.

Culture Studies

Geography, history, biology, botany, zoology, art and music are introduced to help are friends develop their understanding of the world and allows them to express their ideas and thoughts in multiple creative outlets.

Indigo Montessori Locations

Wembley Downs

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Wembley Downs

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Wembley Downs

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Wembley Downs

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