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Kids Club Roleystone (Outside School Hours Care- OSHC)

Mulberry Tree Kids Club (Outside School Hours Care-OSHC) Roleystone is ideally located at the Roleystone Family Centre. You will find us nestled amongst the natural bush surroundings of Roleystone. We value and respect all children’s opinions, diversity and cultural beliefs at Mulberry Tree Kids Club Roleystone and encourage children to value and respect these things too.


At our fantastic Kids Club service we have a team of terrific educators who are all focused on providing the very best education and care for your children.  Educators provide learning opportunities following the principals of the government initiative My Time Our Place which is designed to provide children with opportunities to maximise their potential and develop a foundation for future success in life. Our service also ensures children are provided with delicious fruit after school and during the vacation care holidays. Our Qualified Play leader had been running the service for several years now and has a great relationship with all families and children. Our staff understand how important it is for children to get their homework done and how stressful evenings can be after a hard day at work. We provide the children with the space, the time and the encouragement to do their homework at our Outside School Hours Care service so that you as a parent have just one thing less to worry about. We also participate in a government initiative called the “Activ Program.” This program encourages physical activity for school age children. The children get to participate in all kinds of fun and exciting new activities which change each school term. Activities we have participated in include fencing, baseball and hip hop just to name a few. Children are able to participate in these additional activities with qualified instructors at no extra cost to parents. Once the school term has finished our fun and exciting Vacation Care Program starts. We pride ourselves on providing a program that is child based and full of fun incursions and excursions that change each holiday. The children help decide what is going to be in each program by letting us know what they would to do and where would like to go for each of the school holiday programs. Staff listen to what the children want and get feedback from parents before formulating the next program. You can be confident in the knowledge that children here are both seen and heard!! Please come and visit anytime, we would love to have the opportunity to show you through our fabulous service where you can see the fun and exciting activities we have planned every day. Mulberry Tree Kids Club Roleystone picks up and drops off to the following local Schools;

  • Roleystone Community College

If your child’s school is in our area but not on the list, please give us a call and we will endeavor to accommodate your needs.




The Roleystone Family Centre – 19 Wygonda Rd, Roleystone WA 6111 Tel: (08) 9496 1665 Email:


Kids Club, Out of School Hours Care

Age: (5-12 yr olds)

Open: Mon – Fri

Before School Session:

7.00am to 9.00am

After School Session:

3.00pm to 6.00pm

Vacation Care:

7.00am to 6.00pm


Services include;

  • Before school care
  • After school care

  • Vacation Care
  • Casual Care and Occasional Care sessions