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Wembley Downs – Kids Club (Out of School Hours Care – OSHC)

Come join us in a friendly and fun environment for both before and after school care! We consider out of school hours care to be much more of a social event for your child after a long day at school. Located at Wembley Downs Primary School, our Kids Club offers drop off and pick up of children attend kindergarten to year 7 to and from the local schools.Situated within the centre of the school the indoor and outdoor areas offer a safe and secure setting for children to explore, discover, investigate and direct their own learning interests and projects. The service runs from a large indoor classroom environment where children have the opportunity for quiet small group play such as reading and homework activities.


We also utilise a large outdoor area containing a sandpit, fort and oval. We are lucky enough to have our very own fitness coach for 45 minute sessions twice a week at after school care, the FitKids coaches provide additional opportunities for the children to get outside and try a variety of sports and fitness activities. Children have the opportunity to participate in a range of activities inside or participate in more active play outside depending on how energetic they feel after a long day at school. We offer children a quiet setting to complete any homework under the guidance of the wonderful staff or if parents prefer they can leave it to complete at home. We believe in providing a fun environment where each child can select a variety of things to do for the afternoon. Our staff are always ready to change the play areas based on the choices the children make for the day.

wembley-downsOnce the school term is over, our fantastic vacation care program begins. We offer a variety of fun things to do in the centre and also offer a range of excursions to suit everyone. We focus on getting the children involved in all aspects of the program planning to make sure we maintain our child oriented focus. At all times we try to keep any additional costs down to a minimum whilst ensuring the children are able to participate in events they have chosen. We focus on different projects during Vacation care and organise incursions to support these.

At our kid’s club we aim to create an environment that is child centred, full of fun, laughter and caring relationships with educators. Our wonderful educators are consistent and have an amazing bond with children and families. Our team of professional staff are confident, mature, and experienced in their positions. They engage in their role with pride and enjoyment. Each staff brings their own personal experience of motherhood to their everyday interactions with families and children. We do this by ensuring our staff regularly attend training seminars to keep up with the most current recommendations in the industry and for their own personal development. This enables us to consistently provide Early Education programs to extend the development of children in our care. Our Kids Club at Wembley Downs is known as a leader in high quality care for children aged 5 to 12 years. We would love to have the opportunity to show you through our excellent service so come along anytime. Our door is always open, we look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our friends.

Mulberry Tree Kids Club Wembley Downs picks up and drops off to the following local Schools;

  • Wembley Downs Primary School
  • Kapinara Primary School

If your child’s school is in our area but not on the list, please give us a call and we will endeavor to accommodate your needs.



39 Bournemouth Crescent, (Wembley Downs Primary School), Wembley Downs WA 6019

Tel: (08) 9245 3255
Email: wembleydowns.kidsclub@mulberrytree.com.au


Kids Club, Out of School Hours Care

Ages: 5 – 12 years

 Open Mon to Fri

Before School Care

7.00am – 9.00am

After School Care

3.00pm – 6.00pm

Vacation Care

7.00am – 6.00pm


Services include;

  • Before school care
  • After school care

  • Casual care and occasional care sessions
  • Vacation care.