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Mulberry Tree TUART HILL

Our Centre was established in 1995, and is proud to be the first of the Mulberry Tree Childcare Centres. We have a Mulberry Tree in our children’s backyard that comes into fruit around October. The children and staff love this time of year, as we begin experimenting with the Mulberries in cooking and sensory experiences and even extending it to the arts.


We are a centre that creates a homely feel; at first glance it appears to look like a home! We are small and quaint, which gives us the opportunity to offer individual attention to each and everyone that comes through our door. As you walk in, your nose will be delighted by the delicious smells wafting from our kitchen, you can guarantee it tastes just as good and being additive aware its definitely very good for you. We have our Recipe of the Week available for you to try out at home.

Our Baby Room has a peeking window just inside the foyer for you to watch our little ones at play, having one on one time with the caregivers, exploring their variety of toys and boxes, or even learning to feed themselves! We understand that at this age, baby routine’s can all be different, so our caregiver’s will do their best to ensure that the routine that happens at home, happens here.

Music and Movement is a fun focus in our Toddler Room. We offer Happy Feet Fitness class on Monday mornings and continue the interest through out the week. We have lots of duplicated toys available, and encourage turn taking and labelling to extend on language skills. We have the experience and information available on toilet/potty training, so when your Toddler is beginning to show readiness, we can work together on a consistent approach.

Have a look into the Kindy Room – you will see the children working on group projects, on individual masterpieces, interacting in social games, perhaps learning to tie shoe laces with a caregiver. We have child initiated experiences occurring throughout the day, allowing the children to gain confidence and a sense of self which are just some of the small steps we encourage for school readiness.

The Toddlers and Kindy share our big backyard. The Mural’s on the fence were painted in a collaborative effort with Servite High school students. The servite early childhood students visit us occasionally to learn about child care and in doing so provide other activities such as Treasure Hunts and games. We have large shade sails and lots of trees to keep the outdoor area cool so that children can enjoy getting outside and involved in large muscle play.

We would love to tell you more about our centre, and our fabulous team so pop in and see the Centre Manager today.

Mulberry Tree Tuart Hill works closely with Mulberry Tree Kids Club Tuart Hill and Mulberry Tree Kids Club Osborne Park who pick up and drop off to the following local Kindys / Schools;

Mulberry Tree Kids Club Tuart Hill

  • Tuart Hill Primary
  • St Kierans Primary

Mulberry Tree Kids Club Osborne Park

  • Osborne Park Primary




232 Cape Street, (Just off Hutton St Freeway on ramp), TUART HILL WA 6060

Tel: (08) 9345 2211
Email: tuarthill@mulberrytree.com.au


Long Day Care Centre

Ages: 0 – 5 yr olds

Open: 7.00am to 6.00pm


Services include;

  • Casual care/Occasional Care
  • Part time care
  • Long day care

  • Before school care
  • After school care
  • Vacation care.