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Mulberry Tree Menus Get Additive Alert Endorsement

Mulberry Tree Menus Get Additive Alert Endorsement

Mulberry Tree Childcare Centres have been working to revamp their centre menus (22 centres in WA ) to eliminate all additives which may be linked to health or behaviour problems in children. They have initiated this process themselves driven by a corporate philosophy of providing the absolute highest care for their clients and, as far as I know, this is a first within the industry – I haven’t come across any child care chains who have gone to this level in making sure they are serving the best food possible to the kids in their care.

I know this is a big issue for lots of parents who really stress about the quality of food when their kids enter care – although all child care centres nowadays do have guidelines for nutrition, most are oblivious to the very real impact any food additives have on children especially in relation to common problems such as behaviour, sleeping, asthma and eczema.

Mulberry tree Child Care Centres are putting kids health and wellbeing above profits – many of the changes they have made means they have switched to buying premium brands rather than the cheaper ones, but they are committed to the changes to eliminate the harmful additives. I am hopeful this will be the beginning of an improvement across the industry as many centres are short changing kids by serving sub standard foods , full of additives, in an effort to keep costs down. Although this is not enforceable change, it would be a fantastic thing to see all child care centres adopt a policy such as this, to ensure that kids in care , some 5 days a week, are actually getting food which is truly good for them not full of additives which are known to cause problems.

I am happy to fully endorse the menus and foods provided by the Mulberry Tree Child Care Centres new “Additive Smart Menus”

Julie Eady
Director / Founder
Additive Alert Pty Ltd