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s24Mulberry Tree Long Day Care centres provide quality care and early learning opportunities for children age 0-5 years.

Parents have the flexibility to choose a variety of sessions to meet their families particular care needs. Care sessions can be all-day, part-time and also on an occasional flexible basis for children. In the past Long Day Care was simply a necessity for children of working families but it is now also easily accessible for the wider community.

Both working and non-working parents can access Mulberry Tree centres so that children can participate in an early childhood learning environment to help with socialization and to interact with other children. The Australian Government has implemented several systems which supports and promotes access to quality child care and early learning for young children. Families are able to access assistance from the government to help reduce the costs of child care through Child Care Benefit and the Child Care Tax Rebate. We can assist you in applying for Government Childcare Benefit and provide information on the Rebate.

While our Mulberry Tree Long Day Care centres primarily care for children aged 0 -5 years during the day, we also provide care for school children before/ after school and during school holidays. For a complete list of schools we drop off and pick up from check with the centre closest to you.

All Mulberry Tree Long Day Care Centres comply with State regulations and licensing requirements when providing care to children. This state body controls all aspects of providing care ranging from, how high door knobs need to be – to how many staff must care for the children in the centre.

All Mulberry Tree centres are regularly assessed and rated against the National Quality Framework. The Education and Care Regulatory Unit ensures child care centers are operating a high quality service with the goal to ensure that your child is safe, happy and protected. Mulberry Tree Child Care has been acknowledged for our continued commitment to providing the highest quality care for families and children in Western Australia.

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